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RaZoR Drums
The premier collection of world orchestral percussion loops. Recorded in the UK with high quality mics and mic preamps by our master UK percussionist, these beds will get your project started in the right direction. Eastern, Arabian, Afro and Cinematic loops of each instrument in the ensemble are designed to inspire.

Introducing Benny Rietveld Bass.
Benny ignites Latin fusion and pop/rock basslines with his unique spin. Offered in Apple Loops, wavs and arranged in Logic ProX session files, these smoking basslines provide creative spark for song starters, jamming or just getting new bass ideas. Benny played against Q Up Arts’ award-winning Latin Groove Factory and Steve Gadd DrumScores. You can also add your own loops and rhythms to these basslines. There’s nothing like the real thing: a world-class bassist playing with the masterful feel and driving intention that will bring your productions to life. Full-length and short loopable sections are included. Features stand-alone basslines and mixes with percussion

“I thought the world was full of mechanized drum beats. My goal was to produce a collection of wild, rocking, off the grid drum tracks”RaZoR.

The Producer

His production, engineering and remix credits include: U2, Genesis, Apollo 440, Killing Joke and The Godfathers.

Captured by the best ribbon microphones in world created by Royer Labs, through top mic pre’s, and eq’s / compressors by Daking Audio. RaZoR captured perfectly the immaculate sounds of Rob’s playing a kick ass DW drum kit, that was commissioned by RaZoR. The result is a musically rocking set of grooves great for rock, prog rock and more.

The Sounds
RaZoR Drums is an aggressive collection of alt rock drum grooves, These grooves were not played to a click but useable on a grid. We offer both gridded and natural segments and full-length grooves to propel your songs forward. Drummer Rob Taylor threw down his favorite grooves. Produced and engineered by Razor and mangled in post, this batch will knock your socks off.