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Here's an amazing batch of instruments from our good friend and collaborator, The Professor, (and Mongo), at Rhythmic Robot from the UK.

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Drumulator Plus Drumulator Plus

Computer Music 9 out of 10
“E-MU’s crunchy 12-bit classic… the bit-reduction, Saturation, Drive and Pump controls make it sound even phatter and dirtier than it is out of the box, and at this price this is a must for any lover of vintage drum sounds” – Computer Music magazine

Computer Music 9 out of 10

12 original kit pieces plus 3 further custom EPROM kits • 48 kit pieces in all • Original, Fairlight, Electro and Custom sound banks

: $10.00
Magnus Magnus

“Its look and sounds are lifted from the Magnus Harmonica Corporation’s reed organs of the 1950s. Magnus is all about mushy, muddy sounds that can also get nasty when the saturation is cranked up!”Sound on Sound magazine

: $15.00
Damaged Drums Damaged Drums

Vintage analogue Kontakt drum machine with customisable Damage • Clean, slightly grungy, badly broken, totally wrecked… you decide! • Individual kit pieces can be crafted and then Damaged to specific levels • Switch between clean and Damaged, or ramp up the Damage, for lo-fi breaks and drops • Convolved twin Spring Reverbs and classic digital effects to add space, and four convolved output speakers for further tone shaping!

: $20.00
Godwin Godwin

“A very beautiful and appealing early string synthesiser, warm, sweet and dirty. The chorus and tremolo swirl and make every sound beautifully analogue. Beats the Solina and that says something” – Sound on Sound magazine talking about the original hardware Godwin String Concert

: $20.00
HT6000 HT6000

Casio’s uniquely powerful early-digital synthesiser 3 digiwave oscillators with complex, involving waveforms, each with its own modulation and envelope controls80 factory patches plus instant patch creation with the Glitch button Truly unusual sound palette – grainier and airier than FM or LA • Shifting, morphing soundscapes a speciality!

: $25.00
Hurdy Gurdy Hurdy Gurdy

“The crazy tones of the hurdy-gurdy captured for Kontakt… A mad, evocative must-have for the esoterically-minded muso!” – Computer Music magazine

: $25.00
Rhythmate Rhythmate

Meticulous recreation of the world’s first ever drum machine • Rock beats, shuffle breaks, jazz fills and Latin percussive loops… plus roll your own!
Tape-based loops of real percussion performances – now syncable to DAW tempo
Create your own 1950s-vintage beats and layer them with authentic rhythms.

: $30.00
EII Synthulator EII Synthulator

‘A fun, versatile instrument exuding that trademark EII grit and punch” – Computer Music magazine review, January 2017

: $30.00
Loopscape Loopscape

“Dripping in oxide… You can almost taste the wow, flutter and print-through as the recordings faithfully, if perversely, reproduce every blip, hiss and click… example patches like Shenai Drift show off its warmth admirable.
Sound on Sound magazine

: $35.00
Wavecrest Wavecrest

Complex, involving, cyclically shifting sounds from six early-digital oscillators Separate Attack waveforms to add characteristic bowing, plucking or blowing elements54 cyclical waveforms arranged from mellow and warm to bright and brash: choose how much tonal variation you want! Excellent for PPG-style pads, drifting washes of sound, and grainy digisynth goodnessOver 90 factory patches to get you started, plus Glitch button for instant patch creation! • Over 2500 individual samples for a richly authentic tone

: $35.00
Jennings Mrk II Jennings Mrk II

“This interesting, unique and great-sounding synth is now more flexible – and cheaper.” – Computer Music Magazine

: $40.00
Lambda Lambda

“Lambda’s simple architecture has been enhanced by Rhythmic Robot to include the ability to mix all nine of its preset sounds and apply chorus and vibrato to each one individually, ADSR envelopes for the Ensemble layer and filter, and more. It also sounds very cool and is more versatile than it might appear.” Computer Music magazine

: $40.00
Sh Studio Sh Studio

‘A multisampled and polyphonic take on the rare and raucous Roland SH-7… One of the Robot’s best yet, this thing makes some amazing noises and comes in at a very reasonable price’ – Computer Music reviewMassive range of sound-creation potential with classic analogue warmth and scale: 2.6Gb of compressed data with over 2400 samples Extensive sound-shaping capabilities: 5 oscillators, 4 envelopes, 3 LFOs, switchable Low Pass filter and twin High Pass filters, Pulse Width Modulation, Performance Controls and more • Over 150 hand-crafted factory patches and the ever-popular Glitch control!

: $75.00