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If you’re learning an instrument, or want to jam along with our loops at any pitch or speed, we highly recommend the Anytune app. Anytune is brilliant for singers, dancers and musicians of every genre. Adjust the tempo to hear every note and nuance in perfect pitch. Use loop trainer to gradually increase your speed until your playing overspeed. Create your own arrangement of Benny's smoking bass lines. Learn a song or practice a set in a different key or tuning with pitch adjustments to cents remembered for each song. Plug in your instrument and play along with LiveMix to feel like you're jamming with the legends. Use ReFrame to isolate or mute instruments, scroll text TABS or lyrics to your music and much more. You can download the Q Up Arts bass and drum loops from iTunes. Here's a couple free ones to get you started!

Anytune is currently available through Apple's App stores, for iOS (iPhone/iPad):

Anytune (Free)

Anytune Pro+ ($14.99 US)

and for MacOS (iMac, MacBook, ....)

Anytune Mac ($29.99 US)

Download the 30 Day Trial for FREE

Jammer Tracks

We are making Anytune config (mark) files available for free for select albums in our Jammer Tracks collection. These contain preset marks for navigation and looping. You can restore these marks to songs playing in Anytune. Check out this video or see Anytune's Jammer Tracks webpage.


(free) allows users to add the 4 feature packs incrementally as you need them or in a single purchase of Anytune Pro+, which includes all the Pro+ Features (4 feature packs). Each feature pack includes a different set of features:

Anytune Feature List for a comparison of features.

Anytune (Free)
Provides all the core features for free including Pro quality time stretching and pitch shifting, looping lyrics display, built-in recording, direct access to your devices music library, folder/playlist support, shuffle, limited audio marks, sharing, and more. This is a very capable music slow downer that can be upgraded to be equivalent to Pro+ through In-App purchases of the the following packs:
  • Basic - Ads Removed, Custom Skins and Settings, On-Screen Volume Control and Airplay
  • Pro - Unlimited Audiomarks, Step-It-Up Interval Trainer, Fine Adjust Tempo and Pitch , Music Gain and Pan Control , Delayed Playback Start, & Transcribe Mode
  • Studio - HQ Audio Quality, ReFrame, FineTouchEQ, LiveMix, Fade-In/Fade-Out, Play Next
    Note: These packs are incremental. Basic is a prerequisite for Pro, and Pro for Studio
  • Import - Dropbox, WiFi, Open-In, E-Mail

Anytune Pro+ ($14.99 US)
Provides all the core features and includes the feature packs: Basic. Pro, Studio and Import in one purchase.
There are also two more IAPs Add-Ons for both versions:
  • Export allows you to export "Tuned" (any adjustment) tracks or loops to Email, Open-In or even back into Anytune. A teacher could provide 1/2 and 3/4 versions of a song to a student who does not have Anytune.
  • Remote Control allows you to control Anytune through MIDI devices and BlueTooth keyboards and other Controllers like the AirTurn / PageFlip.

Anytune Mac ($29.99 US)
Virtually the same as Anytune Pro+, and includes the full Export functionality as well as MIDI Remote Control. You can try Anytune Mac Free for 30 days.

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