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Arlan Oscar Schierbaum

“I’m stoked to beable to share my experience curating these vintage keyboards with Q Up Arts customers. I hope you create a lot of great music with these sounds!”

Arlan Schierbaum is anAmerican keyboardist from Los Angeles, California now based in Greece.

Arlan started playing organ on his own at the tender age ofthree, began formal lessons at age four, and by the time he was five years oldwas playing regularly at the local church in his South East Los Angelesneighborhood. In his early teens Arlan discovered the joy of playing acousticand electric pianos, as well as synthesizers, and quickly became a busymusician playing in numerous bands in the Mojave Desert of Southern California.

After high school Arlan's love for music education continuedwith college classes in music theory, voice, concert band, music synthesis, andrecording engineering. During his collegiate years he became familiar with theLos Angeles music scene, and moved to the San Fernando Valley in the early 90'sto continue his career. In L.A. Arlan played, performed, and recorded with manyof the world's best and acclaimed musicians while developing skills in all stylesof popular music including: Ambient, Blues, Country, ExperimentalMusic, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, and World Music. Aftermore than 25 years in the L.A. music scene Arlan has gained the respect andfriendship of many musicians and industry professionals and traveled the worldmany times over. His commitment to vintage keyboards and real instruments hasearned him gigs with artists such as Mindi Abair, Joe Bonamasa, Billy Burke,Goldspot, Beth Hart, John Hiatt, Richie Kotzen, Janiva Magness, Mandrill, thePointer Sisters, Daniel Powter, Tiromachino, and countless others.

Arlans’ personal collection over the years includes Hammondorgans with Leslie speakers, Mellotrons and Chamberlin (tape loop keyboards), Rhodes,Wurlitzer, and Yamaha electric pianos, HohnerClavinets & Pianets, Musser vibraphones, synthesizers made by Arp,Moog, Roland, Selmer, and Yamaha, combo organs by Farfisa, Elka, Rheme, Lowery,and Vox, amplifiers by Fender, Laney, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, and Vox, and amultitude of effects units some of which by Boss, DOD, Dunlop, Electrix,Electro Harmonix, Fullton, Guyatone, Joe Kramer, Lexicon, Line 6, Maxxon, Moog,Morley, Mutron, MXR, TC Electronics, Sobat, Way Huge, and many others. Thiscollection of music tools has been serviced, maintained and modified by numeroustechnicians including Ken Rich, Eden Bloch, Guy Dolfi, Bob Dixon, RichardDiemer, Dave Gallow, Joe Kramer, Gene Stopp, and Jim Williams. Withhis extensive knowledge of music, instruments, and effects Arlans’ creativeskills and abilities have become sought after by many established musicproducers and recording artists.

Arlan co-produced the vintagekeyboards with Douglas Morton and Jim Norman for Guitar Center's WilliamsDigital Pianos and The California Keys sample library collection.