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DJ Kilmore

DJ Kilmore is in Incubus and a turntablist and keyboardist based in Los Angeles.
"CaliforniaKeys is familiar! You guys nailed it. I don’t know how but you did it, but youtook familiar instruments and put them in the box.. Successfully. It’s hardfinding amazing sounding instruments. It’s even harder to replicate that insoftware, but that’s what you did.
California Keys sound like and are expressive like the originals.Amazing.”

Dj Kilmore has been dj'ing since the tender age of 13. Fueled by his love of music,he has been rocking parties since his 8th grade middle school dances. littledid he know, his dedication and hard work would evolve into a career ofworldwide recognition as the turntablist and keyboardist of the band Incubus.
After dj'ing at his high school in Dillsburg, Pa, Dj Kilmore moved to Washington DC to attend The George Washington University. Here he started to gain popularity and respect on the turntables atevents all over the city. What started out as a childhood hobby was now on itsway to being Kils' passion. In october 1995, he moved to L.A. to pursuehis musical ambitions. He quickly joined the Jedi Knights crew along with thelikes of Dj Mindframe, Nel E Nel, and the late Dj Dusk. While exploring the L.A. dj scene with the Jedi Knights, Kil put the similarities of team competitionsand live bands together. He got involved with a few local L.A. bands which led toa phone call that would change his life. On Feb. 13, 1998 he was asked toaudition for the band Incubus. Kil's signature sound along with his skills andpersonality made for a perfect fit. He has been a key figure in the band eversince performing for hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. Beyond histechnical prowess as a battle Dj, Kil is also a musicologist with a vastknowledge of music past, present and future. His sets range from reggae,classic soul, hip hop, rap dub step and electronica.