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Chase Bethea

Chase Bethea is a game composer based in Los Angeles, California.

"Q-Up Arts is the legacy company that has designed quality and unique libraries for decades and I'm honoured to write video game music with these sounds as well as be part of the Q-Up Artist family!"

Chase Bethea is a Video Game Composer/Technical Audio Designer that has received many accolades throughout his career for his diverse collection of compositions that can be described as a fusion of texture and complexity which allows the player to become immersed in the experience. His soundtrack for “Cubic Climber” earned a Noteworthy on Destructoid. In 2016, Chase was nominated for Artists of the Year – Independent Composer by VGMO in the entire industry for his “I Can’t Escape:Darkness” score. In 2021, he won an award for the AGROUND soundtrack from the NYX Game Awards. Chase has also scored Aztec Ride, a highly addictive fun mobile game that shipped on Google Play in October 2020 and was nominated for a Pocket Gamer Mobile Award.

Chase has also been interviewed on multiple podcasts such as Level with Emily, The Sound Architect, Pixelated Audio, Sound of Play, and more. Since 2015, he has guest spoken at over 30 conferences/events so far such as PAX, MAGWest, GameSound Con, ADC and Berklee College of Music. In May 2022, Chase was voted by the previous Steering Committee chair and current leaders to be the iASIG Steering Committee Chairman.

In his free time, Chase enjoys collecting and refurbishing retro games and systems. He currently has a collection of 800+ physical games that he uses for researching and inspiration for his work