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Frank Serafine

Frank was taken from us way too early. He will be missed by many in the music community. A great friend and inspiration to all who knew him.
- Douglas Morton

"I still own every digital sampling synth E-mu Systems ever manufactured. I have very special memories of the Emulator II period. Science and technology at it’s best, the dawn of an emerging sampling community. The E-mu EII libraries were the first to implement cd.rom connectivity, innovate many keyboard sampling techniques and captured some of the highest quality recordings ever heard. I’m so excited to use the new EII library on my future projects. Thanks my ole Emu friends at Q Up Arts for reincarnating all that great EII archival work for the world and I to have once again."

Frank Serafine was a sound designer and composer based in Los Angeles.He is best known for his work as a Hollywood supervising sound editor / designer on such blockbusters as the Star Trek and Tron movies, Addams Family, The Fog, Poltergeist: The Other Side, RobotJox, Ice Pirates, Hoodwinked 2, Orgazmo, The Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity, Field of Dreams, Emmy-Winning Sound Design on The Day After and Oscar-Winning Sound Design for The Hunt for Red October.As a composer/musician Serafine has collaborated with some of the greatest recording artists in history, including Ravi Shankar and George Harrison, Andy Summers, Peter Gabriel and Don Cherry.