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Chee Wei Tay

Chee Wei Tay is a film composer and pianist based in Melbourne, Australia.
Recent projects include PBS/ NOVA - Decoding the Weather Machine, PBS/ NOVA - Black Hole Apocalypse and National Geographic Channel’s Route Awakening. Chee Wei is one of south-east Asia's leading film composers, having scored for more award winning productions than any composer in the region.

A Singaporean by birth, Chee Wei has scored for feature films, television, documentaries, museums and theme park installations. Chee Wei’s success started in Asia but has not ended there; he was the first Asian composer to be invited to score for NOVA, the flagship science program of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) based in the United States. Among the many award-winning productions that he has worked on, Chee Wei’s compositions include Bring Back the Dead.
 Best Music Score - 49th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.Mekong - Soul of a River
Best Soundtrack - COMPASS Awards
-Emperor of the Seas, The Voyages of Zheng. Best Original Score - Asian Television Awards, NOVA: Ocean Animal Emergency Best Soundtrack - COMPASS Awards, Platinum Remi for Music - 48th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival. In 2013, he was also the first non-pop composer in Singapore’s history to receive the COMPASS Wings of Excellence / Overseas Achievement Award. He was also the first non-pop composer to be awarded the Young Composer of the Year in 2010.
 In addition to scoring for motion pictures, Chee Wei has also led the team from his company, De Claffer Music Productions to work on special international projects. He was commissioned as the Music Director during the 2005 World Expo, Japan, and in 2008 his team successfully designed and scored the world’s first customized 12.1 surround sound installation at the Army Museum of Singapore. In 2012, he was also one of the only 3 musicians to be accepted to the Marinsky Music conservatory / St Petersburg International Music Academy’s Ilia Musin’s Advanced Conducting Workshop / Masterclass where he conducted various musical groups including the Symphony Syracuse in New York.