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Here are some of the artists creating and using Q Up Arts sounds.
  • Chase Bethea

    Chase Bethea is a game composer based in Los Angeles, California.

    "Q-Up Arts is the legacy company that has designed quality and unique libraries for decades and I'm honoured to write video game music with these sounds as well as be part of the Q-Up Artist family!"

    Chase Bethea is a Video Game Composer/Technical Audio Designer that has received many accolades throughout his career for his diverse collection of compositions that can be described as a fusion of texture and complexity which allows the player to become immersed in the experience. His soundtrack for “Cubic Climber” earned a Noteworthy on Destructoid. In 2016, Chase was nominated for Artists of the Year – Independent Composer by VGMO in the entire industry for his “I Can’t Escape:Darkness” score. In 2021, he won an award for the AGROUND soundtrack from the NYX Game Awards. Chase has also scored Aztec Ride, a highly addictive fun mobile game that shipped on Google Play in October 2020 and was nominated for a Pocket Gamer Mobile Award.

    Chase has also been interviewed on multiple podcasts such as Level with Emily, The Sound Architect, Pixelated Audio, Sound of Play, and more. Since 2015, he has guest spoken at over 30 conferences/events so far such as PAX, MAGWest, GameSound Con, ADC and Berklee College of Music. In May 2022, Chase was voted by the previous Steering Committee chair and current leaders to be the iASIG Steering Committee Chairman.

    In his free time, Chase enjoys collecting and refurbishing retro games and systems. He currently has a collection of 800+ physical games that he uses for researching and inspiration for his work

  • Chee Wei Tay

    Chee Wei Tay is a film composer and pianist based in Melbourne, Australia.
    Recent projects include PBS/ NOVA - Decoding the Weather Machine, PBS/ NOVA - Black Hole Apocalypse and National Geographic Channel’s Route Awakening. Chee Wei is one of south-east Asia's leading film composers, having scored for more award winning productions than any composer in the region.

    A Singaporean by birth, Chee Wei has scored for feature films, television, documentaries, museums and theme park installations. Chee Wei’s success started in Asia but has not ended there; he was the first Asian composer to be invited to score for NOVA, the flagship science program of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) based in the United States. Among the many award-winning productions that he has worked on, Chee Wei’s compositions include Bring Back the Dead.
 Best Music Score - 49th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival. Mekong - Soul of a River
Best Soundtrack - COMPASS Awards
-Emperor of the Seas, The Voyages of Zheng. Best Original Score - Asian Television Awards, NOVA: Ocean Animal Emergency Best Soundtrack - COMPASS Awards, Platinum Remi for Music - 48th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival. In 2013, he was also the first non-pop composer in Singapore’s history to receive the COMPASS Wings of Excellence / Overseas Achievement Award. He was also the first non-pop composer to be awarded the Young Composer of the Year in 2010.
 In addition to scoring for motion pictures, Chee Wei has also led the team from his company, De Claffer Music Productions to work on special international projects. He was commissioned as the Music Director during the 2005 World Expo, Japan, and in 2008 his team successfully designed and scored the world’s first customized 12.1 surround sound installation at the Army Museum of Singapore. In 2012, he was also one of the only 3 musicians to be accepted to the Marinsky Music conservatory / St Petersburg International Music Academy’s Ilia Musin’s Advanced Conducting Workshop / Masterclass where he conducted various musical groups including the Symphony Syracuse in New York.
  • Dazmin D'Leon

    Dazmin D’Leon is a pianist, composer and music producer based in Los Angeles.

    “California Keys and Voices of Native America have changed and enhanced my sound. I love using all of these sounds especially when I’m playing at live shows. Q Up Arts has the most expressive and playable sounds in Kontakt I’ve ever used.”

    Dazmin D’Leon is a music producer and pianist of all genres. She started playing at the age of 4 and has not stopped since. She was lucky enough to meet Q Up Arts producer Douglas Morton at the 2022 NAMM show in a casual jam which led to their partnership. Dazmin tours regularly with different artists all over the world. She plays all genres but started with classical and gospel and got her start playing organ in church as a child prodigy. She also produces music in all genres as well as composing music for films.

    She also produces music in all genres as well as composing music for films. She’s recently played the Viper Room, The Mint, El Cid, Whiskey A Go-Go, SLC Kilby Court, Bottom of the Hill, Globe Hall in Denver.

  • DJ Kilmore

    DJ Kilmore is in Incubus and a turntablist and keyboardist based in Los Angeles.
    "California Keys is familiar! You guys nailed it. I don’t know how but you did it, but you took familiar instruments and put them in the box.. Successfully. It’s hard finding amazing sounding instruments. It’s even harder to replicate that in software, but that’s what you did.
    California Keys sound like and are expressive like the originals. Amazing.”

    Dj Kilmore has been dj'ing since the tender age of 13. Fueled by his love of music, he has been rocking parties since his 8th grade middle school dances. little did he know, his dedication and hard work would evolve into a career of worldwide recognition as the turntablist and keyboardist of the band Incubus.
    After dj'ing at his high school in Dillsburg, Pa, Dj Kilmore moved to Washington DC to attend The George Washington University. Here he started to gain popularity and respect on the turntables at events all over the city. What started out as a childhood hobby was now on its way to being Kils' passion. In october 1995, he moved to L.A. to pursue his musical ambitions. He quickly joined the Jedi Knights crew along with the likes of Dj Mindframe, Nel E Nel, and the late Dj Dusk. While exploring the L.A. dj scene with the Jedi Knights, Kil put the similarities of team competitions and live bands together. He got involved with a few local L.A. bands which led to a phone call that would change his life. On Feb. 13, 1998 he was asked to audition for the band Incubus. Kil's signature sound along with his skills and personality made for a perfect fit. He has been a key figure in the band ever since performing for hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. Beyond his technical prowess as a battle Dj, Kil is also a musicologist with a vast knowledge of music past, present and future. His sets range from reggae, classic soul, hip hop, rap dub step and electronica.

  • Leo Z

    Leo Z is an Italian producer and keyboardist based in Los Angeles.
    "I’ve been a customer of Q Up Arts since the 1990s.
    California Keys is a wonderful bundle that will make many composers and producers very happy!"

    Leo began his musical development at age 4 in Bologna, Italy where he laid hands on an old family German upright piano to create his first compositions. His blend of Italian and Russian blood combined with the Medieval character of Bologna, affected Leo's path leading him to discover and combine a wide variety of music, from symphonic to progressive, from electronica to minimal music .He naturally developed a profound passion for movies and soundtracks and his dream to score movies was born.

    At age 23, while mentored by producer Mauro Malavasi. Leo began his career arranging, composing, and producing songs for Italian pop-stars such as Elisa and Lucio Dalla, but his passion for cinematic music did not fade one bit. He studied the music of his heroes: Thomas Newman and Elliot Goldenthal, among others, while continuing writing, arranging, and producing for crossover artists like Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban. He moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to reach his dream of being a film composer after one of his songs, "Oceano" was featured in the record "Closer" (Josh Groban), selling over 8 million units worldwide.

    After building his confidence in Los Angeles, Leo defines like a "surreal place where anything is possible", he started the development of new projects.

    He recently produced the debut record of Nathan Pacheco, a young crossover tenor signed by Disney working with some of the best musicians and studios in the world. The album was recorded at Eastwest Studios in Los Angeles and Air Studios Lyndhurst in London (with the London Philarmonia Orchestra and Geoff Foster as Sound Engineer) and was mixed by Michael Brauer at the Electric Lady Studio, NYC. This production gave Leo a chance to collaborate with the legendary A&R Jon Lind and his mentor Bob Cavallo. In July 2012 Yahoo released Tom Hanks' Futuristic Webseries "Electric City" that Leo had scored in collaboration with Ali Noori with the supervision of producers/writers Josh Feldman and Bo Stevenson, and music supervisor Deva Anderson.

  • Paul Haslinger

    Paul Haslinger is an Austrian musician and composer based in Los Angeles.
    "When the OMI Universe of Sound library for the Emulator II was first released in 1986, it was a game changer for many musicians, including myself.
    These sounds have lost none of their vibe and magic. I am grateful to Q Up Arts and Rhythmic Robot for making them available in this new Kontakt Instrument!"

    Paul began his career as a member of Electronic Music pioneers Tangerine Dream. He toured with the band extensively from 1985-90 and contributed to projects such as the album “Underwater Sunlight” (1986), as well as the films “Near Dark” (1987) and “Miracle Mile” (1988). In 1990, the band received a Grammy Nomination for their score to the Miramar Documentary ‘Canyon Dreams’. Paul moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to expand his creative scope. This led to a number of collaborations and began to shift his focus towards film scoring. It was his programming work for composer Graeme Revell that caught the attention of Hollywood executives which lead to his first solo credit, scoring HBO’s Cheaters in 2000. Paul’s unique approach to scoring is based on his belief that, music in any genre, including film and television, should represent and be relevant to the time in which it was written. He received an Emmy nomination for his work on the Showtime Series ‘Sleeper Cell’ (2007)

    Notable Projects Include:

    Fear The Walking Dead (2015 and 2016) Halt And Catch Fire (2014 – 2016) Rainbow Six Siege (2016) Underworld Awakening (2012) The Three Musketeers (2011) Rise Of The Lycans (2009) Takers (2009) Death Race (2008) Shoot Em Up (2007) Crank (2006) Sleeper Cell (2006) Underworld (2003) Blue Crush (2002) Minority Report (2002)

  • Danny Kastner

    Danny Kastner is a pianist, composer, producer, and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.

    As a producer and songwriter in 2016, he’s collaborated with Autumn Rowe, Espa, Alessandra Grace, Tkay Maidza, Nellie McKay, Julia Price, Rimini Roudette, Sons of Serendip and Kiah Victoria. With Nellie McKay, two studio projects will be released in 2017. Kastner is a professional keyboardist for the Kiefer Sutherland band. He plays jazz piano in clubs around Los Angeles as a member of the band the Jazz Punks. With their debut album in 2012, Jazz Punks spent seven weeks in the top four of the CMJ Jazz Radio charts, as well as holding the #1 position during this time. As a composer, Kastner is a two-time BMI Composition Award winner, as well as a two-time ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composer Award Recipient. Kastner is a producer and co-founder of The Weather Report Legacy Project honoring the seminal jazz group Weather Report, with Tony Zawinul, son of the late Joe Zawinul. He is producing the Weather Report documentary "This is This," directed by Tony Zawinul. Philanthropically, Kastner is a Founding Partner & Creative Director of the Milt Olin Foundation, launching a global movement dedicated to ending distracted driving through the #HandsOff Pledge.

  • Frank Serafine

    Frank was taken from us way too early. He will be missed by many in the music community. A great friend and inspiration to all who knew him.
    - Douglas Morton

    "I still own every digital sampling synth E-mu Systems ever manufactured. I have very special memories of the Emulator II period. Science and technology at it’s best, the dawn of an emerging sampling community. The E-mu EII libraries were the first to implement cd.rom connectivity, innovate many keyboard sampling techniques and captured some of the highest quality recordings ever heard. I’m so excited to use the new EII library on my future projects. Thanks my ole Emu friends at Q Up Arts for reincarnating all that great EII archival work for the world and I to have once again."

    Frank Serafine was a sound designer and composer based in Los Angeles. He is best known for his work as a Hollywood supervising sound editor / designer on such blockbusters as the Star Trek and Tron movies, Addams Family, The Fog, Poltergeist: The Other Side, RobotJox, Ice Pirates, Hoodwinked 2, Orgazmo, The Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity, Field of Dreams, Emmy-Winning Sound Design on The Day After and Oscar-Winning Sound Design for The Hunt for Red October. As a composer/musician Serafine has collaborated with some of the greatest recording artists in history, including Ravi Shankar and George Harrison, Andy Summers, Peter Gabriel and Don Cherry.

    VNDMG is a producer based in San Francisco.
    "Q Up Art's sounds have been a staple in my production arsenal since day 1. The quality and attention to detail is unparalleled!"

    With over a decade of experience DJing and Producing, VNDMG is becoming a staple in the electronic music scene. Anthony VanVranken, A.K.A. VNDMG (pronounced Van-Damage), brings a more progressive and psychedelic flare to the world of 808 bass music; finely crafting a sound that is both high energy and eclectic. With a healthy mixture of originals, collaborations, and remixes, a VNDMG set is always unique. VNDMG looks back on a year full of memorable experiences. With an established residency at Beat Church in San Francisco, a headlining tour w/ Indaskyes & Le Moti, and Festivals like Burning Man, What The Festival, Emissions, Raindance, and Lucidity, it is safe to say that it was a busy year. Be sure to check out his new release on Mallabel Music titled, “Million Minds”, with features from Myka 9, Turtleneck, E-Jazzy, and a remix by Subp Yao. All of that on top of a bi-monthly mix series titled, “The VNDMG Report”. Releases With: Mallabel, Saturate Records, 710 Records, We Got This, Daly City Records, Earmilk, EDM Network. Affiliations (Past and Present): Mallabel, Beat Church, Street Ritual, Camp Questionmark, theHIVEcollective, Bass Camp

  • Douglas Morton

    Douglas Morton, President and Founder of Q Up Arts

    “Developing audio content is a labor of love. My hope is you will be inspired to create enduring beautiful music with these sounds for years to come.”

    Douglas is the president and founder of Q Up Arts. Douglas designs audio content and music for wide variety of clients, products and apps. He has pioneered the use of digital audio samples in music, film and game production.

    He's been producing sample and loop collections since the early 1980s. Starting his career at E-Mu Systems in Santa Cruz, California, then Optical Media International (OMI) in Silicon Valley producing the acclaimed Universe of Sounds, the first cd.rom releases that began the sample industry. Douglas’s work at OMI enabled hardware samplers to connect to cd.rom drives, an industry first.

    He founded Q Up Arts in 1993 in Santa Cruz, California.

    His sonic designs have been heard in hundreds of feature films, network television and games including The Patriot , The Sheltering Sky, Portlandia and The X-Files for over three decades. His music for aquariums has immersed millions of people in the underwater worlds of California's Monterey Bay Aquarium and Utah's Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

    Douglas continues his production work in studios in Los Angeles, California and Park City, Utah.

  • Sam Cardon

    “In my career I have found myself more often than not being called upon to compose for ethnic-inspired films and media and as such was always searching for a way to demonstrate a vision to a director of what I heard in my head. It had always been such a struggle to do that since those sounds came from no synthesizer I had in my arsenal. Enter Q Up Arts. The first time I happened upon the amazing “Native America” series it was a revelation. Not only were the samples absolutely pristine and the performances impeccable, but the organization was completely user-friendly even for someone as tech-challenged as myself. I have purchased Voices Of Native America, Voices Of Istanbul, Voices Of The Aztecs and Latin Groove Factory and have had tremendous use of all of them. They are featured in my work in countless films and television productions. The best compliment I can give…..and something that is essential to every working composer…….they inspire. Thank you, thank you to Doug Morton and his team. Much gratitude for your singular contribution to the world of sampling.”
    Sam Cardon is an American Composer based in Utah.
    One of six featured composers in Blizzard’s World Of Warcraft expansions Mists Of Pandaria, Warlords Of Draenor, Legion and the Overwatch and Hearthstone cinematics. Sam has composed soundtracks for 18 IMAX films including blockbusters Mysteries Of Egypt and Lewis and Clark; The Legendary Adventures. He's composed themes for ABC Sports, ESPN, Monday Night Football, NBA on TNT, Good Morning America, National Geographic Explorer as well as soundtracks for over 70 independent films.

  • Michael Scott

    “The most challenging part of engineering the California Grand Piano was forcing myself to stop playing it and slipping away into a dreamy creative trance…

    I’ve sampled and created pianos in every known format. This piano was the most beautiful I have ever heard. This is precisely why we chose to sample this instrument. I’ll be using it in every one of my surround and major release roll-outs from now on!”

    Michael Scott is SVP of Sound Development for Q Up Arts based in California.

    Michael Scott has designing audio products and content for three decades. Multi-faceted in electronic, rock, classical, studio operations, engineering, Michael is a prolific sound designer with a solid history in audio. Michael has been directing and managing the production of designed audio and visual projects since 1989, which have been distributed world-wide in many formats, in thousands of products, roll-outs, major motion pictures products, theatrical releases, tv commercials, games, corporate roll-outs, major trade show events and digital musical instruments. He created and designed sounds for E-Mu Systems designing sounds for Proteus, EIII, EIV, Emax I/II and more. Michael’s experience includes working as director of audio for Inhance Digital in Hollywood, specializing in broadcast for TV, trade show advertising, major release commercial rollouts, and games. He’s designed audio and music for thousands of commercials, corporate roll-outs and movies in all media platforms. Michael has designed audio content for Apple/ Emu Systems for the QuickTime Synthesizer Dev, AMD - Audio Development, AT&T - Music Chip Development, Alesis Corp - Musical Instrument Sound Design, BAE - Commercial Advertisements, Bell Helicopter - Commercial Advertisements, Boeing - Commercial Advertisements, Chromatic Research - Audio Design, Cisco Systems - Commercial Advertisements, Creative Labs - Sound Designer, Emu Systems - Sr. Sound Designer, Fox, Guitar Center - Sound Design, Inhance Digital Corp - Director of Music/Audio, ILM - TV Ads Music/Sound Design, iWin Corp - Music/Sound Design online games, Korg Systems - Sound Designer, Paramount Studios - Sound Design, Music Composition Microsoft - Sound Design, Moog -Instrument Sound Designer, NASA - Development Advertisement & roll-out, Pixar - Sound Design/Music, Roland Corp - Sound Designer, Sony Corp - Sound Design, Texas Instruments - Instrument Sound Designer General Midi, S3 Corporation - Sound Design, Yamaha Corp - Instrument Development.

  • Uriel Soto Junior

    Junior is a recording engineer and keyboardist based in Van Nuys, California

    Junior started playing piano and organ in church at the age of 9. He played keys in several bands in the L.A. area with high school friends. He then went on to engineer for local bands and fell in love with the art of recording. These days, Junior engineers at ESA Studios in Glendale, California. He is facile in Protools, Logic and any mixing environment. Junior is known for his great ears, mic choices and infinite patience with getting killer sounds.

  • Arlan Oscar Schierbaum

    “I’m stoked to be able to share my experience curating these vintage keyboards with Q Up Arts customers. I hope you create a lot of great music with these sounds!”

    Arlan Schierbaum is an American keyboardist from Los Angeles, California now based in Greece.

    Arlan started playing organ on his own at the tender age of three, began formal lessons at age four, and by the time he was five years old was playing regularly at the local church in his South East Los Angeles neighborhood. In his early teens Arlan discovered the joy of playing acoustic and electric pianos, as well as synthesizers, and quickly became a busy musician playing in numerous bands in the Mojave Desert of Southern California.

    After high school Arlan's love for music education continued with college classes in music theory, voice, concert band, music synthesis, and recording engineering. During his collegiate years he became familiar with the Los Angeles music scene, and moved to the San Fernando Valley in the early 90's to continue his career. In L.A. Arlan played, performed, and recorded with many of the world's best and acclaimed musicians while developing skills in all styles of popular music including: Ambient, Blues, Country, Experimental Music, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, and World Music. After more than 25 years in the L.A. music scene Arlan has gained the respect and friendship of many musicians and industry professionals and traveled the world many times over. His commitment to vintage keyboards and real instruments has earned him gigs with artists such as Mindi Abair, Joe Bonamasa, Billy Burke, Goldspot, Beth Hart, John Hiatt, Richie Kotzen, Janiva Magness, Mandrill, the Pointer Sisters, Daniel Powter, Tiromachino, and countless others.

    Arlans’ personal collection over the years includes Hammond organs with Leslie speakers, Mellotrons and Chamberlin (tape loop keyboards), Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and Yamaha electric pianos, Hohner Clavinets & Pianets, Musser vibraphones, synthesizers made by Arp, Moog, Roland, Selmer, and Yamaha, combo organs by Farfisa, Elka, Rheme, Lowery, and Vox, amplifiers by Fender, Laney, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, and Vox, and a multitude of effects units some of which by Boss, DOD, Dunlop, Electrix, Electro Harmonix, Fullton, Guyatone, Joe Kramer, Lexicon, Line 6, Maxxon, Moog, Morley, Mutron, MXR, TC Electronics, Sobat, Way Huge, and many others. This collection of music tools has been serviced, maintained and modified by numerous technicians including Ken Rich, Eden Bloch, Guy Dolfi, Bob Dixon, Richard Diemer, Dave Gallow, Joe Kramer, Gene Stopp, and Jim Williams. With his extensive knowledge of music, instruments, and effects Arlans’ creative skills and abilities have become sought after by many established music producers and recording artists.

    Arlan co-produced the vintage keyboards with Douglas Morton and Jim Norman for Guitar Center's Williams Digital Pianos and The California Keys sample library collection.

  • Robert Abeyta

    Robert Abeyta is an audio engineer based in SLC, Utah.

    Keeping it real… in the analog world."

    Robert Abeyta starting putting microphones in front of people, amps and instruments shortly after he was born. Always fascinated with “capturing the soul” of the instruments and performers, his ethos remained consistent as his excellent ears and results garnered him more and more high profile mixing gigs. Facile in front of house as in ProTools, his heart remains in the analog world of microphones and yes, two inch tape and all of the rack mount gear you could ever not understand. Robert uses plug ins, but what he really does is, “plug stuff in”. His tones are warm and very musical. Robert is an amazing talent to work with at Q Up Arts. His background ranges from live multi-track recording of world class symphonies, classical pianists to the A-List of live rock & roll.

  • Dominic Mobilia

    "In today's world for music composers, there are many choices of sampling media for use in our scores. Having access to the best and brightest companies that contribute such content will aid in the creation of unique soundscapes to lift your project to greater artistry. Q Up Arts is one such company that historically has been creating authentic and unique samples. Don't write music without it!"
    Dominic Mobilia is a Connecticut based composer and keyboardist.
    Dominic Mobilia, a musician and music educator, is the owner and operator of Eclectic Studio.net. He has been an active music professional for over forty years. While at the Hartt School of the University of Hartford where he earned a Batchelor of Music in Music Education and a Minor in Vocal/Choral Music, he also became interested in 20th century American orchestral literature and electronic composition. Having read selected chapters of the textbook An Eclectic Approach to Orff and Kodaly in the Elementary School as a requirement for an undergraduate music education class, he also became interested in the use of folk and multi-ethnic music as a vehicle to educate young music students. Graduate music studies included certification as a Kodaly Music Specialist, child vocal development, classical and modern electronic music composition as well as studio production and engineering courses.