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Robert Abeyta

Robert Abeyta is an audio engineer based in SLC, Utah.

Keeping it real… in the analogworld."

Robert Abeyta startingputting microphones in front of people, amps and instruments shortly after hewas born. Always fascinated with “capturing the soul” of the instruments andperformers, his ethos remained consistent as his excellent ears and resultsgarnered him more and more high profile mixing gigs. Facile in front of houseas in ProTools, his heart remains in the analog world of microphones and yes,two inch tape and all of the rack mount gear you could ever not understand.Robert uses plug ins, but what he really does is, “plug stuff in”.
His tones are warm andvery musical. Robert is an amazing talent to work with at Q Up Arts. Hisbackground ranges from live multi-track recording of world class symphonies,classical pianists to the A-List of live rock & roll.