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Michael Scott

“The most challenging part ofengineering the California Grand Piano was forcing myself to stop playing itand slipping away into a dreamy creative trance…

I’ve sampled and created pianos inevery known format. This piano was the most beautiful I have ever heard. Thisis precisely why we chose to sample this instrument. I’ll be using it in everyone of my surround and major release roll-outs from now on!”

Michael Scott is SVPof Sound Development for Q Up Arts based in California.

Michael Scott has designing audioproducts and content for three decades. Multi-faceted in electronic, rock, classical,studio operations, engineering, Michael is a prolific sound designer with asolid history in audio. Michael has been directing andmanaging the production of designed audio and visual projects since 1989, whichhave been distributed world-wide in many formats, in thousands of products, roll-outs,major motion pictures products, theatrical releases, tv commercials, games,corporate roll-outs, major trade show events and digital musical instruments. He created and designed sounds forE-Mu Systems designing sounds for Proteus, EIII, EIV, Emax I/II and more. Michael’s experience includesworking as director of audio for Inhance Digital in Hollywood, specializing inbroadcast for TV, trade show advertising, major release commercial rollouts, andgames. He’s designed audio and music for thousands of commercials, corporateroll-outs and movies in all media platforms. Michael has designed audio contentfor Apple/ Emu Systems for the QuickTime Synthesizer Dev, AMD - AudioDevelopment, AT&T - Music Chip Development, Alesis Corp - MusicalInstrument Sound Design, BAE - Commercial Advertisements, Bell Helicopter -Commercial Advertisements, Boeing - Commercial Advertisements, ChromaticResearch - Audio Design, Cisco Systems - Commercial Advertisements, CreativeLabs - Sound Designer, Emu Systems - Sr. Sound Designer, Fox, Guitar Center -Sound Design, Inhance Digital Corp - Director of Music/Audio, ILM - TV AdsMusic/Sound Design, iWin Corp - Music/Sound Design online games, Korg Systems -Sound Designer, Paramount Studios - Sound Design, Music Composition Microsoft -Sound Design, Moog -Instrument Sound Designer, NASA - Development Advertisement& roll-out, Pixar - Sound Design/Music, Roland Corp - Sound Designer, SonyCorp - Sound Design, Texas Instruments - Instrument Sound Designer General Midi,S3 Corporation - Sound Design, Yamaha Corp - Instrument Development.