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Jason Miles

“In my career I have found myself more often than not being called upon to compose for ethnic-inspired films and media and as such was always searching for a way to demonstrate a vision to a director of what I heard in my head. It had always been such a struggle to do that since those sounds came from no synthesizer I had in my arsenal. Enter Q Up Arts. The first time I happened upon the amazing “Native America” series it was a revelation. Not only were the samples absolutely pristine and the performances impeccable, but the organization was completely user-friendly even for someone as tech-challenged as myself. I have purchased Voices Of Native America, Voices Of Istanbul, Voices Of The Aztecs and Latin Groove Factory and have had tremendous use of all of them. They are featured in my work in countless films and television productions. The best compliment I can give…..and something that is essential to every working composer…….they inspire. Thank you, thank you to Doug Morton and his team. Much gratitude for your singular contribution to the world of sampling.”
Sam Cardon is an American Composer based in Utah.
One of six featured composers in Blizzard’s World Of Warcraft expansions Mists Of Pandaria, Warlords Of Draenor, Legion and the Overwatch and Hearthstone cinematics. Sam has composed soundtracks for 18 IMAX films including blockbusters Mysteries Of Egypt and Lewis and Clark; The Legendary Adventures. He's composed themes for ABC Sports, ESPN, Monday Night Football, NBA on TNT, Good Morning America, National Geographic Explorer as well as soundtracks for over 70 independent films.