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Kontakt Instruments

At Q Up Arts, we’ve built a brand new Kontakt 7 GUI and refreshed some of our most popular titles in the new Kontakt 7 Player.

This new GUI for our sample collections includes host-tempo-sync’d music loops and quick access to parameters. This Q Up Arts collection provides the most refined versions of these sounds we’ve ever produced. Kontakt has never sounded so good! Discover an exciting world of cutting-edge music production tools and take your user experience to the next level.



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If you’ve purchased the earlier Kontakt 5.x full versions of these titles, you qualify for special upgrade pricing.
Please contact us at[email protected]to purchase or to claim your special offer! Elevate your music production game with these music samples, loops, and virtual instruments.

Upgrade from the full version to the Kontakt 7 Free Player.and browse all the available options, including:
Voices of Native America V1: $29.
Voices of Native America V2: $29.
Voices of Ntv Am Bundle V1 & V2: $49.
Voices of the Aztecs: $29.
Voices of Istanbul: $29.
Voices of India Sitar: $29.