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Leo Z

Leo Z is an Italian producer and keyboardist based in Los Angeles.
"I’vebeen a customer of Q Up Arts since the 1990s.
California Keys is a wonderful bundle that will make many composers and producers very happy!"

Leo began his musicaldevelopment at age 4 in Bologna, Italy where he laid hands on an old familyGerman upright piano to create his first compositions. His blend of Italian andRussian blood combined with the Medieval character of Bologna, affected Leo's pathleading him to discover and combine a wide variety of music, from symphonic toprogressive, from electronica to minimal music .He naturally developed aprofound passion for movies and soundtracks and his dream to score movies wasborn.

At age 23, while mentored by producer MauroMalavasi. Leo began his career arranging, composing, and producing songs forItalian pop-stars such as Elisa and Lucio Dalla, but his passion for cinematicmusic did not fade one bit. He studied the music of his heroes: Thomas Newmanand Elliot Goldenthal, among others, while continuing writing, arranging, andproducing for crossover artists like Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban. He movedto Los Angeles in 2007 to reach his dream of being a film composer after one ofhis songs, "Oceano" was featured in the record "Closer"(Josh Groban), selling over 8 million units worldwide.

After building his confidencein Los Angeles, Leo defines like a "surreal placewhere anything is possible", he started the development of new projects.

He recently produced thedebut record of Nathan Pacheco, a young crossover tenor signed by Disneyworking with some of the best musicians and studios in the world. The album wasrecorded at Eastwest Studios in Los Angeles and Air Studios Lyndhurst in London(with the London Philarmonia Orchestra and Geoff Foster as Sound Engineer) andwas mixed by Michael Brauer at the Electric Lady Studio, NYC. This productiongave Leo a chance to collaborate with the legendary A&R Jon Lind and hismentor Bob Cavallo. In July 2012 Yahoo released Tom Hanks' Futuristic Webseries"Electric City" that Leo had scored in collaboration with Ali Nooriwith the supervision of producers/writers Josh Feldman and Bo Stevenson, andmusic supervisor Deva Anderson.