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Timeless Collections for Music Production. Our goal is to inspire creativity.

End User License Agreement (EULA)
You are purchasing instruments, samples and loops from Q Up Arts as a royalty free single user license.

This means that you as the single user purchaser of the license can use the content:
  • Music productions for albums and record production.
  • Streaming music.
  • Soundtracks for tv, film and games.
  • Play them live.
  • Playable instruments, i.e. pianos, keyboards, virtual multi-sample instruments can be used in production of library music.

What is not legal
  • This single user license does not allow you to use the loop or soundscape content by itself in sample library production.
  • Posting up on sharing, bit torrent or any other "freeware" or "shareware" sites.
  • Transferring the license.
  • Selling the license.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.
Q Up Arts.com, LLC
P.O. Box 794
Dana Point, CA 92629
Park City, Utah

Our goal is to inspire you, our fellow composers, producers and recording artists with unique and enduring instruments usable for years to come.

Q Up Arts was founded on the Central California Coast city of Santa Cruz, California in 1993 by Douglas & Susan Morton from E-Mu Systems and Optical Media International in Silicon Valley where they developed and licensed samples and audio for the music, computer, film, tv and game industries.

Q Up Arts develops and licenses world class sound collections for professional music producers, film/tv composers,
computer companies and recording artists across the globe. For licensing inquiries, contact Q Up Arts Licensing; 310.714.9547.

Sound design and hardware keyboard credits;
You've been hearing and playing sounds published and/or created by founder Douglas Morton for the last 35 years in hardware keyboards, tv and feature films.