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The Power Synth Keyboards for Kontakt.

Power Synth Keyboards

List Price: $99.00

Unleash the full spectrum of power and versatility with Power Synth Keyboards, the ultimate collection for Kontakt Full Version from Q Up Arts. Whether you're in search of a complete synth keyboard ensemble or individual instrument packets, this optimized virtual instrument collection is perfect!


  • A dynamic range of analogue synth sourced billowy pads, earth-shaking synth bass, and funky instruments.

  • Designed to bring a unique sound to your music productions.

  • Seamless integration and optimized performance.

  • Available in a complete collection or individual instrument packets.

  • The versatility and flexibility offered by Power Synth Keyboards helps you explore a wide range of musical genres and styles.

  • The Kontakt GUI offers lots of options for you to shape the sounds to your taste.

Elevate your compositions, expand your sonic palette, and unleash the power within your music with these synth keyboards. View more virtual instruments from Q Up Arts now!


  • Compatibility: Kontakt Full Version 6.x

  • Meticulously selected from analog, digital, and vintage synth keyboards by renowned sound designer Larry Hopkins.

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Product Code: PwrSynCmp
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An amazing complement of pro level keyboard pads, basses, brass and electric pianos. Get the complete collection or smaller instrument packs.
Kontakt full version 6xx on up.
Curated layers of vintage analogue and digital keyboards.

80s Ballad
Bell Synth
Bell Tower
Bigfoot Bass
Bite Attack
Black Hole
Breathy Polysynth
Cathedral Synth
Crunch Lead
Emerson B3 Mogue55
Event Horizon
FM Attack Squares
FM Beauty
FM Tine Rhodes
Funky Mama Clav
Gravitational Pull
Hammer Pluck
Holiday Ensemble
Lush Beauty
Metal SciFi
Mini Me Bass
Mini Thicky
Muscle Mouge
Phat Brass
Royal Brass
Sawsquare Polysynth
Sub a Dub Dub
Super Polysynth
Tight Sync
Velocity Snap
Velocity Tarus