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Dominic Mobilia

"In today's worldfor music composers, there are many choices of sampling media for use in ourscores. Having access to the best and brightest companies that contribute suchcontent will aid in the creation of unique soundscapes to lift your project togreater artistry. Q Up Arts is one such company that historically has beencreating authentic and unique samples. Don't write music without it!"
Dominic Mobilia is a Connecticut basedcomposer and keyboardist.
Dominic Mobilia, a musician and musiceducator, is the owner and operator of Eclectic Studio.net. He has been an active music professional for over fortyyears. While at the Hartt School of the University of Hartford where he earned aBatchelor of Music in Music Education and a Minor in Vocal/Choral Music, healso became interested in 20th century American orchestral literature andelectronic composition. Having read selected chapters of the textbook AnEclectic Approach to Orff and Kodaly in the Elementary Schoolas arequirement for an undergraduate music education class, he also becameinterested in the use of folk and multi-ethnic music as a vehicle to educateyoung music students. Graduate music studies included certification as a KodalyMusic Specialist, child vocal development, classical and modern electronicmusic composition as well as studio production and engineering courses.