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Q Space Music Pack_Rock

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Q Space Music Rock Music Pack

Royalty free music pack for your next production.

Works in any DAW that reads WAVs, which is all of them!

In this bundle of music, loops and hits, you’ll find a nice variety of grooves, loops, hits and complete mixes of music of varying lengths. Most of the music and the loops will loop seamlessly. You can also cut them up and loop sections as everything was played to a click.

We hope you dig these sounds


This bundle is sold as a royalty free package with a licence that allows the customer to use the content that they then create, in commercial or private projects as below:

A Licence grants to the Buyer a non-exclusive and non-transferable lifetime license to use the music assets in multimedia projects like online videos (also YouTube), websites, animations, games and films.

1. Purchasers can use assets in their own personal use and commercial projects.

2. A Licence does not allow the Buyer to:

I) Claim, copyright, publish the seller's music as their own.

II) Register and sell the music in any store/platform.

III) Redistribute and Sublicense music assets other than as part of the relevant project.

You have purchased a single user license.This means that you, as purchaser of the license, can use these sounds in your music productions for CD release, tv, film, games and play them live.This single user license does not allow you use our content in sample library production, re-selling the license, trading the license, or posting up on sharing, bit torrent or any other freeware or shareware sites. We in turn will continue to offer great musical value at an affordable price.

Violating these reasonable rules and laws will doom you to a lifetime of bad karma.

16bit 44k wav files.